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Successful Field Sales

1 or 2 Day Course


To construct and practise an approach to sales in order to improve sales performance and professionalism/effectiveness in the field. The stages of the sale will be identified and delegates will develop their own sales plan, which may be used immediately in the workplace.


Staff employed in a field sales role. The course will especially benefit those new to sales and those who have had some sales training but are looking to refresh their skills.



Course Objectives:  Including the delegates’ own objectives

Customer Care:  Personal qualities required; good/bad telephone technique; continuous learning; body language; maintaining excellent relations with clients

Marketing Opportunities:  Obtaining leads; other marketing activity – following up emails, brochures (strategy)

Pre-call Planning and Preparation:  Route planning; setting call objectives; briefcase contents/use of diary or equivalent

Getting the Meeting with the Buyer:  Telephone techniques to handle filters. Practice session

Opening the Sale:  ‘Chat’ gap; different ways of opening the sale

Questioning to Establish Needs:  Theory – utter importance of this stage of the sale! Practice session


Matching Solutions to Needs:  Features and benefits; buying signals

Closing the Sale:  When to close/how to close/different closes.  Practice session

Handling Objections:  What is an objection? Techniques in handling.  Practice session

Review:  Brief review of main elements of the programme           

Action Plan:  Where do we go from here? i.e. How can we get better?


At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the personal qualities of an effective salesperson
  • Recognise a range of body language signals
  • Recognise the importance of planning, preparation and organisation
  • State the steps in the sales process
  • Adopt an effective strategy in gaining meetings with buyers
  • State 5 methods of opening the sale
  • Recognise the importance of questioning to establish our customers' needs and will have practised questioning and listening skills
  • Convert our products' features into benefits to the buyer
  • Use 6 methods in closing the sale
  • Handle a range of objections and will have practised handling them
  • Draw up an action plan to improve performance.

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