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Effective Negotiating Techniques

1 or 2 Day Course


This course will give delegates an overview of the process of negotiation, focusing on the phases of a negotiation and the influences that one might use in affecting outcomes.  Delegates will be given the opportunity to practise negotiating within small groups.  Those new to negotiating (and those with more experience) will gain increased confidence from the course.


This course is for anyone who currently negotiates internally or externally within their organisation.  It is particularly useful for those in a sales/purchasing role, although the same principles may be applied to negotiations within a personal or social context.


Day 1

  • Introduction and objectives: The tutor outlines the course objectives and delegates are asked for their objectives
  • Definition:  The group works within small groups to define the term ‘negotiation’.  The tutor’s definition is also outlined. The concept of `win - win’ negotiation is discussed
  • Negotiation phases: A four-phase model is used.  Two additional models are introduced which assist in identifying our negotiation objectives
  • Practice session: Delegates will practise in small groups
  • Qualities/skills/behaviour of effective negotiators: Tutor introduces researched factors identifying effective as opposed to ineffective negotiators

Day 2

  • Team negotiations: Advantages and disadvantages
  • Where to negotiate: Your place, their place, neutral ground
  • Seating arrangements
  • Practice session: Delegates will practise in small groups
  • Influences:  We discuss 5 influences and the appropriate use of each influence.  We also look at the tactics used by seasoned negotiators and some counters
  • Review:  A brief review of main topics covered


At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Define the term `negotiation’
  • Recognise the qualities, skills and behaviour of effective negotiators
  • Identify and be able to follow the phases of a negotiation
  • Appreciate what happens within each phase
  • Recognise the 5 influences that may be used to generate movement in negotiations and tactics underpinning the influences used by seasoned negotiators
  • State the advantages and disadvantages of team negotiations/venues of negotiation.

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