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Effective Manager Programme – 5 days

5 Day Course


An extended programme designed to help and support line managers who are seeking to achieve better performance through their team(s) or department.  The programme concentrates on the real issues facing the managers participating in the event.  It is designed to help managers make the most of their strengths, manage limitations and build effective problem-solving relationships with the people around them.


This course is aimed at middle and senior managers, ideally those who have had some prior basic leadership and management training, although managers with no prior training, including first line managers, have attended and gained greatly from this programme.  The course is also useful for those wishing to update/refresh their skills.


Some straightforward preparation work will be available to enable individuals to collect their thoughts and identify their learning objectives.  Participants will also have the opportunity to discuss their objectives for the workshop with the facilitator in advance.



  • Agreeing learning objectives
  • Visioning and values - What? Why? How?
  • Forming learning support teams and contracts
  • Choosing the right measures - Input? Process? Output? Outcome?
  • Assignment: Measuring and monitoring success at work - Performance, People, Procedures - clarifying/establishing objectives


  • Review of assignment outputs (on each day)
  • Individual communication styles - intent v impact
  • Identifying individual strengths and development choices
  • Communication tools, techniques and behaviours - to enable understanding of the vision, values and performance objectives
  • Assignment: Testing new approaches to better dialogue in the workplace 


  • Coaching for performance and development
  • Working with and influencing people with integrity (linked to values)
  • Managing emotions and feelings
  • Raising awareness and helping others to take responsibility for their own performance
  • Working through the real issues facing delegates on the programme
  • Assignments: Work related coaching activities


  • Team facilitation and intervention skills
  • Support teams review individual members’ contribution and learning
  • Action planning - best practice examples
  • Completing personal action and development plans
  • Support teams review individual plans and agree on the process to follow up


The programme facilitator will be available by phone to support delegates/groups in the application of their learning or to help them resolve problems


At the end of this development programme participants will have: -

  • A clear vision of success for their team based upon what must be achieved back in their own business
  • The ability to identify how they want to lead and work with others in order to achieve the best possible results
  • Improved capability to communicate their personal vision and values clearly and consistently and gain commitment from their team
  • A better awareness of their impact upon others, their own strengths and limitations and a personal strategy to utilise/manage them well
  • Practical experience and a better awareness of how to coach and influence others with integrity, give and receive feedback, deal effectively with conflicts and manage feelings and emotions
  • An improved capability to work effectively with people perceived as ‘difficult’
  • Practical experience and a better awareness of team facilitation and intervention skills in order to improve the quality of debate and the speed of decision making
  • A practical action plan aimed at applying individual learning back at work
  • A personal development plan aimed at further individual learning requirements  

Participants will have the opportunity of participating in a learning support group made up of colleagues at the programme. 

The group will help participants learn together during the programme and, potentially, provide help and support with the application of learning after the workshop.

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