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Effective Business Planning – 2 days

2 Day Course


To identify and explore the use of business planning as part of an effective management process.


Directors, senior managers and employees who are responsible for preparing or making a significant contribution to a business plan.


The seminar will be tailored to meet the specific needs of the participants.  The following information will provide the framework:

  • Vision and mission statements – why used and how to create them
  • How market leaders keep their edge
  • Why planning and performance management are fundamental business requirements
  • Tried and tested principles for a working business plan (and why organisations unintentionally plan to fail)
  • Testing a step by step business planning process
  • Using a values based approach to strategic planning (the pro’s and con’s)
  • Aligning commercial practices & leadership behaviour with proclaimed values
  • Developing goals and strategies
  • How to complete a detailed gap analysis
  • How to ensure objective setting & action planning are thorough and effective
  • Implementing a business plan and engaging the organisation’s people
  • Monitoring performance, managing variances and providing support


At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the benefits of business planning and the common barriers that, if not addressed effectively, can cause the process to become superficial
  • Identify how to combine ideas from sources such as business excellence models, Balanced Scorecard, and Investors in People, etc
  • Recognise the importance of aligning business planning and management processes
  • Identify how to use supporting tools and techniques
  • Derive objectives from the overall strategy and ensure all people, initiatives and improvements are working towards the same goals
  • Consider the management and leadership practices that are essential to deploying and delivering a business plan
  • Make informed decisions about how to use business planning as a blueprint for translating goals into the objectives, initiatives and actions that will drive performance

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