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Solving Problems and Making Decisions – 1 day

1 Day Course


To develop, hone and improve problem solving and decision making in the workplace.  This is an informal, practical and participative course with active discussion, exercises, exchange of ideas and syndicate work (with some fun thrown in!).


This course is aimed at anyone involved in dealing with problems and having to make decisions in the workplace.  The course is also useful for those wishing to update/refresh their skills.


  • Introduction and Objectives
  • Work based problems:
    • We identify typical problems encountered by the delegates in their job roles and use these as examples during the day
  • The brain:
    • Brief anatomy lesson – right and left brain activity
  • Ways of creative thinking:
    • Mindset/our attitude to problem solving and decision making
    • Importance of asking questions/open questions/5 ‘whys’
    • The dangers of assumptions/blinkered thinking
    • Brainstorming: Stages of/rules of/we brainstorm 1 of the problems identified earlier
  • Systematic approach to problem solving: A 6-stage approach outlined by the tutor and then we use it to solve a problem and make a decision
  • Team based approach to problem solving:  Outlined by the tutor and then we use it to solve a problem and make a decision
  • Decision making techniques: We look at 3 models
  • Consensus exercise: Fun exercise where delegates make decisions individually, then as a team and afterwards we compare the individuals’ scores to the team’s score


At the end of this session delegates will be able to:

  • Recognise and use ways to tap into the creativity around us
  • Run a brainstorm session to identify root causes and possible solutions to problems
  • Use a 6-step systematic approach in solving problems and making decisions
  • Use a team based approach to solve problems, recognising and using the various techniques
  • Make decisions using appropriate decision making models thereby ensuring a logical, as opposed to, an ad hoc approach
  • Use discussion and consensus in achieving decisions.  Recognise and use the rules in achieving consensus.

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