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Building the Team

1 or 2 Day Course


To give Team Leaders/Managers the skills to create and develop a committed and cohesive Team and to be able to maintain and improve that Team’s effectiveness.


Team Leaders/Managers who are responsible for getting the best from their Teams


  • Introduction
  • Objectives for the day
  • What is a Team? Is yours a Team or a co-operative group?
  • How a Team develops
  • What kind of Team player am I?
  • Individual strengths
  • Team culture: The ‘right’ values
  • Ingredients for an effective Team
  • Valuing people


At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Appreciate what makes an effective Team
  • Recognise when teamwork is important and where an individual fits in the Team framework
  • Appreciate the individual’s particular strengths as a part of a Team and how these can be developed further
  • State and appreciate the benefits of teamwork to the individual and the organisation
  • Develop a greater understanding of Team dynamics and the role of the leader in developing teamwork
  • Recognise how to work together more effectively

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