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Introduction to Team Leadership – 2 days

2 Day Course


To develop, hone and improve leadership skills in order to enhance effectiveness within the organisation and handle the everyday issues and challenges more professionally. This is a practical, interactive, ‘hands-on’ course (with some fun thrown in!).


This course is aimed at new Team Leaders/Supervisors and those who have had no formal training in leadership skills. Many middle managers have also greatly benefited from this course since professional management skills are relevant to all levels of the organisation. The course is also useful for those wishing to update/refresh their skills.




  • Team leader in the context of the organisation
  • Responsibilities of the team leader
  • Personal traits and skills of effective leaders
  • 4 vital elements for every team leader: Setting objectives; MBWA; praising; ‘quiet word’
  • Fun exercise demonstrating the importance of trust
  • Case study: Issues confronting newly-promoted team leaders
  • Adopting a flexible approach to leading/managing the team: When to ‘tell, sell, test, consult, join or delegate’
  • Having a ‘quiet word’ (inc practice session)


  • Importance of motivation in the workplace
  • Motivators and de-motivators at work (delegate practical exercise)
  • Hertzberg’s Theory of motivation/Team leader’s role in maintaining motivation
  • Maintaining motivation in a repetitive work situation



  • Definition of Communication
  • Chinese whispers exercise
  • Obstacles to good communication in the workplace/Overcoming obstacles
  • 2-way cycle of Communication
  • Body language, tone, words and the importance of each
  • Active listening and listening tests

Team Building

  • Stages in team development
  • Optimum team numbers/minimum/maximum
  • Differences between effective/ineffective teams
  • Role of team leader in building an effective team
  • Reaching consensus: delegates will participate in a consensus reaching exercise

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