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Half-Day Team Leader/Manager Development Workshops

AM: Coaching Workshop
PM: Conflict Resolution Workshop

Style and Approach

These workshops are designed to be interactive, constructively challenging and enjoyable. Learning activities are focused upon real experiences and trusted tools and techniques rather than role play and academic theories. Delegates are encouraged to actively participate but are neither pressured nor ‘put on the spot’.

Better Performance through Coaching

The aspiration of every manager or team leader is to consistently achieve high standards of performance through the team. However, many people achieve promotion to a leadership role because they are good at the job.

Consequently, it's often quicker to 'do it yourself' rather than fully using the talents and potential of the team. 'Doing it yourself' is a self-defeating and unproductive approach to team leadership, and might even become habitual, creating over-burdened and stressed team managers with under-used, clock-watching and dependent team members.

This workshop will show you a very different approach – a much more productive one – that will enable you to tap into the strengths of the team and redress this vitally important balance.

Coaching to enable you to delegate successfully

  • You will be shown how to raise the awareness of the coachee to the tasks and challenges in their work
  • How to choose the 'right' coaching style to suit the person and the situation
  • How to define clearly the purpose and success criteria of the task
  • How to develop agreed standards of performance
  • How to balance delegated levels of responsibility and authority
  • Ways of minimising any risks associated with delegation
  • When and how to follow up appropriately and how to give recognition.

Coaching in a way that allows you to explore and fulfil the true potential in the person

  • How to translate their 'good intentions' into performance objectives
  • How to examine the gap between current and aspired levels of performance
  • How to plan for change and establish the steps required in achieving the objective
  • Ways of helping the individual to overcome blocks and barriers preventing success
  • How to deploy and review the plan and support commitment to it
  • How to encourage reflection and learning from experiences.

Conflict Resolution

There are many causes of conflict in the workplace: clashes of personality or style, disagreements and differences of belief are but some. And at the very time when it is most important to resolve a disagreement properly, our preferred strategy is often to avoid the person or the matter, over-compensate by working harder ourselves, or perhaps to simply 'sweep the matter under the carpet'.

Sometimes our own strong feelings re-emerge unproductively in anger or frustration later on only to make matters worse. This workshop is designed to show you some constructive and powerful alternatives.

How to explore the other's motivation and commitment to change

  • You will explore your own preferred conflict handling styles, and consider approaches more powerfully suited to the situation and the person or people you are dealing with
  • How to seek a balance in our use of both assertive and responsive behaviours
  • How to identify and use the skills of dialogue, and this Workshop will give you an opportunity to practise them
  • You will examine and learn from real case studies
  • You will discuss tips and techniques for managing conflict situations and how these may be applied back in your workplace
  • How to prepare your plan for personal development.

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