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Building and Leading a Great Team



To develop leadership skills in order to build an effective and efficient team ready to take on the challenges faced by the organisation in today’s current market conditions.  Insights will be shared into how to galvanise a disparate group into a cohesive and committed team capable of a real 'performance edge'.  This is a practical, interactive, ‘hands-on’ workshop (with some fun thrown in!).


This course is aimed at anyone currently in a leadership role who is looking to build and develop an effective team.  Team Leaders, Supervisors and Managers at all levels will greatly benefit from this course since professional team building skills are relevant to all levels of the organisation.  The workshop is also useful for those wishing to update/refresh their skills. It is a natural ‘next step’ for those who have already completed The Effective Team Leader/Supervisor Workshop, but is a ‘stand-alone’ workshop in its own right.


  • Introduction/objectives
  • Let's start with you:
    • The difference between leading and managing and the need for both
    • An analysis of your leadership style
  • What is a 'group' and what is a 'team'?
  • Identification of leadership behaviours that enable and maintain teamwork
  • Differences between an 'effective' and 'ineffective' team
  • The stages in a team's development and where is your team
  • Blockages to effective teamwork and how to resolve them
  • Decision-making: to what extent should we involve our team in different types of decisions? What is your decision-making style?
  • Consensus: how and when to make sound decisions via consensus
  • Review and action plans


At the end of this course, participants will be able to: 

  • State the differences between 'leading' and 'managing'
  • Identify their own 'preferred' or 'natural' leadership style and recognise their development needs
  • State the differences between a 'group' and a 'team' and recognise the stages in a team's development
  • Use techniques to develop a team's effectiveness
  • Know when and how to involve the team in decision-making

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